Tuesday, July 5, 2011

MOULD 2011

V-Kaos is an improvising black metal musician(as opposed to an improv musician playing black metal...if you get the distinction) from Sweden now living in Portugal. She is also the mastermind behind Mother Of The Hydra. Anyways she just released her 3rd demo...it's a split with Drome. There's a bonus track that i provided some drone work for. I haven't heard the final result yet, but given the strength of her previous work i am excited. Any interested parties should read on:::::::::::

The V-Kaos/DROME split "Mould 2011" + the first issue of the Solvtio Perfecta Zine is now available for order.

Tape + zine = 6€ Just tape = 4€. (Postage will be added.)

Tape is limited to 100 copies and the zine to 20 copies.

Contact info@nightmareprod.com for orders.

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